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Hi, I'M Kelsey Orcutt.

I'll be honest, I wake up thinking about photography and go to sleep thinking about it. Even my "non-work" time is spent shooting because I do what I love! 

BUT I do have other passions too! I'm an adventure and thrill-seeker, always on the hunt for new and exciting experiences. I bake a mean chocolate chip cookie and if you ask, I'll probably bake you some to bring to our shoot. 
I volunteer and foster for local dog rescues when I can, and have a huge soft spot for big ol' block headed pittie mixes! 

I live & breathe photography

She Loves

She Hates

American Horror Story
P.S. I Love You
Red wine
Rescue Dogs

Long lines
Hot weather
Sitting still for long periods
Loud chewing
Chai tea

As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to do everything yourself, especially creating content and continuously branding, creating, etc…I was looking for a way to take my branding to a new level and while I knew Kelsey was talented and shared my vision, she exceeded my expectations and not only made it the most fun experience, but was efficient and helpful beyond belief & it was truly a pleasure & incredible experience combining our creative minds with her direction. Not only am I obsessed with every photo (I’m pretty sure I squealed when I started looking at them)- but as a result I am more confident in my branding for the future & am relieved that I have so much material moving forward…and someone to go back to for all my future branding needs!!! She is a wonderful kind and amazing photographer & human, 12/10. Book her now to take your branding to the next level you won’t regret it!! Xoxo Katie

Katie Woff | PMU Artist

If I could describe Kelsey in two words they would be "Camera Goddess." I struggled for the first 18 months in my business to capture the right energy in my photos. I shot with so many friends who were professionals, in so many locations, and I was never satisfied. Everything felt vanilla. It was difficult to get photos that felt "me." Kelsey was the first photographer I worked with who made me feel comfortable in my own skin. It was the first time I ever looked at the shots and felt like they really captured my personality. As an online business coach and marketer, assets are a huge part of someone feeling energetically connected to me. Kelsey is truly an expert at her craft. 

Ally Kennedy | Business Coach

I absolutely love working with Kelsey. She has done multiple photoshoots for me and never fails to amaze me with her creativity. She has a unique eye and gives a lot of attention to detail while making you feel like you’re part of the creative process. She’s willing to travel and stays in communication throughout the entire process. 

Corinne Jackson | photographer

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