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That’s up to you, but I can certainly give some suggestions when we chat. I HIGHLY recommend my personal branding clients book a private location via PeerSpace or similar site to make the most of your investment. You can find the perfect space to fit your theme and gives us the most variety. Usually our own homes may have too many items that can be distracting or not have the best light, but if that's not the case for yours, than we can also do an in home shoot as well!
The other option is outdoors and public spaces. I love using great natural light outdoors! But if we want to take photos at a place of business, we do have to be careful of what they allow and don't allow. Some establishments are flexible, others do not allow professional cameras, and others require you to pay a location rental fee to take photos. 
But no matter what, we will plan this all together and find a great spot for your shoot!

Where will my shoot take place?

Every shoot is different so this answer will vary greatly. For personal branding sessions we can go into detail during our planning call but here are some general guidelines:
  • Bring multiple options for outfits, though we may or may not get to all of them. I recommend a mix of what you would wear to meet a client, what you'd wear to hit the town and show off your unique flare, something cozy, something dressy, and something fun!
  • Make sure every outfit is wrinkle free, fits well, isn’t sheer where it’s not supposed to be, and does not show any undergarment lines or straps
  • Try on and take a photo in the mirror (or have someone else take a photo) of every outfit you might wear. This is a critical step to make sure you like how something looks on camera!

What should I wear to my shoot?

At this time I do not. Here is what I am currently taking bookings for:
  • Personal brand photography
  • Lifestyle brand and product photography
  • Headshots (groups and individual)
  • Events (corporate, networking, nonprofit, social events)
  • Social video content creation
  • Drone photo/video
  • Real Estate

What I am NOT currently taking bookings for:
  • Families
  • Weddings
  • Couples/Engagement
  • Newborn
  • Quinciñeras
  • Full video production & editing

But there are plenty of amazing photographers & videographers in the area who specialize in these areas, and you are more than welcome to ask me to connect you with one. 

Do you shoot weddings, newborns, families, etc.?

Personal branding sessions should be booked one month in advance or more to book hair and makeup and give you time to book a location if desired, acquire any props, accessories, and wardrobe. Mini sessions and sessions without a location rental or hair and makeup may be booked with less notice if I have availability.

How far in advance do I need to book?

You do! You will be sent a proof gallery of unedited images for you to choose the photos you would like to keep! You will "heart" however many are included in your package and I will edit those for final delivery. At this time you may also purchase additional images if there are more that you love or if you'd like to buy the entire gallery.

You also have the option to let me select the images for your gallery if you don't want to add that task to your plate! I'd be more than happy to curate a gallery that represents your brand and gives you a gorgeous assortment of images based on your needs.

Who picks which images I get? 

Personal branding sessions can range from 1-8 hours depending on if you will be doing hair and makeup, the type of session booked, and how many locations and how many looks you have. 

How long will my session be?

For personal branding sessions, you will put down a 30% non-refundable retainer. This will book out the day for you. The remaining balance will be due the day of the session before our shoot begins. Both of these can be paid online through our payment systems using a credit card or PayPal. You are also welcome to bring cash to your session for the remainder.

You can purchase additional photos after your shoot for up to 3 months. 

When and how do I pay for my shoot?

Each package has a number of "looks" we can cover during that shoot. Looks are basically just outfits! I recommend bringing more looks than you think you want shoot, just in case certain ones don't translate as well on camera. The amount that we can shoot depends on how quickly you can change and get them together! Less looks = relaxed, slower paced shoot. More looks = Faster pace, but more variety! 

My favorite way to add more variety without needing to change full outfits is to add a sweater, blazer, hat, etc. to an outfit you already have on! 

Some of my favorite "looks" (that will be personalized to your unique style) are: Cozy at home wear, a dressed up celebration look, a casual around town look, boss babe, whatever your work "uniform" is, and something you'd wear for your favorite activity (yoga wear, hiking gear, etc.)

Don't stress about figuring this out right away, I will send more details on wardrobe once we book our shoot and go further into it on our planning call! 

What are "Looks"?

Yes of course! A personal branding session makes an amazing gift as it will be HUGELY beneficial to their business. I would recommend adding-on hair and makeup and thinking about covering the location booking as well if you really want to pamper them! 

Can I purchase a session as a gift?

Thanks for reaching out! I will get back to you ASAP

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